How To Apply For A Business License In California

This article provides information about various business permits within the state of California and intends to serve as a guide about how to apply for them.

How to Apply for a Business License California

Have you ever wondered what kind of business permit you need for your business based in California? It is the state law to obtain a permit for any kind of business you wish to operate. Even if you are thinking about starting a home based business or a small business, you will need a general business license. There is no blanket permit that covers all small CA businesses, so you will have to apply within the city you wish to operate in. Unfortunately general business licenses issued to small businesses go by different names depending on the city you’re applying in; you are therefore advised to find out exactly what business permit you are applying for before you make any commitments. If you are planning to open several small businesses in several cities you will need a business permit for every city.

Other permits that do not pertain to home or small businesses are controlled by various counties within the state of California. Sometimes general licenses are required because of public health and safety concerns. Please don’t confuse these kinds of licenses with the business permits issued by your city. Depending on your business type you may need to apply for additional business permits from your city or county. One such example is the requirement for a seller’s permit from the California State Board of Equalization. Make sure you know exactly how many permits you will need before starting your business.

Usually CA business permit applications are processed at the city hall. This is where you can go to file for your business license. You can also download various application forms online. After you print them out and fill in your information you can fax, email or deliver them to the relevant authorities by hand. The later option is most advisable since you can get any of your questions answered during the process. Some cities allow you to go through the entire application process online without having to print any documents.

You are required to pay the relevant processing fees, which usually range between $50 and $100 dollars for small businesses. To get information about business application methods in your city, feel free to visit your city’s home page. You are required to provide sufficient information about you and your business. We recommend that you inform yourself about any annual charges that may apply depending on the city you intend to establish your business in. Depending on where you set your business up there may be a fixed annual charge, while other cities calculate those fees according to your annual sales.

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